How does this work?

You will receive an email from us at regular intervals. This mail contains the changelog, i.e. all changes compared to the last version, as well as concrete instructions for testing. If you don't know exactly what we mean, you can always ask us. Go to Connect, log in and download the current version of the game. As soon as the download is complete, unpack the archive. The only important thing for you is the .exe file. This will start the game immediately. As soon as you have started the game, the login screen appears. Here you log in with your ROTxBLAU Connect data and can start playing immediately. Have fun!

Is my data safe with you?

All data you give us will be treated strictly confidential. It is stored on our servers in Germany and is therefore subject to the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have no interest in your data beyond testing and will delete all data as soon as you no longer wish to be part of our testing crew. At the moment, we only need your name and email address. This information will allow us to identify you and contact you if we have questions for you. For example, we may need help isolating a bug that you have found. From now on, we will consider you part of the team and treat your information with the same care as ours. If we want more information from you in the future, we'll ask for it.

What was that Discord thing again?

Join our Discord server: Go here.